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What is relationship building?

Relationships are the building blocks for all community organizing activities.

Developing positive relationships with colleagues/peers can be rewarding and highly demanding. Building good relationships with fellow doctors can positively affect the advancement and recognition of one’s achievements.

Professional association to connect with other fellow doctors allows sharing their interests and passions. For instance, when doctors interact with fellow doctors, they can share knowledge, help diagnose complicated cases, and grow their community influence.

When building professional relationships with doctors online, consider the intersection of three qualities- transparency, likability and credibility. Transparency lets other doctors get to know you, while likability reflects their interest in you, and credibility builds trust.

So how to demonstrate the qualities in virtual networking to build strong, enduring relationships with fellow doctors?

Share More of Oneself

The best way to build a relationship is to let other doctors know who you are. This can come by sharing expertise, knowledge, and practice.

Initiating communication by asking questions

Asking questions or initiating comments is a great way to build a relationship with fellow doctors and demonstrate your thoughts that can help establish a bond.

Initiate repeated interactions and communications

Another vital part of building relationships is to continue interacting professionally to establish a closer connection.

Participate in multiple activities

With technology moving forward, doctors can now participate in various case discussions, surveys, social events and community talks, where they get to come across other fellow doctors from multiple environments.

Share information

The information doctors share can be directly related to their work or a subject that can help others with the correct information or content.

Reasons Why One Should Share Their Professional Expertise

  • Expands Knowledge

  • Engrains what one may already know

  • Establishes a reputation as a doctor

  • Increases professional value

As networking has moved online, and that’s excellent news, WhiteCoats, India’s largest 360* professional success platform, gives doctors the opportunity to:

  • Associate with fellow doctors who share different interests and passions

  • Greatly expand their network and practice

Explore the Features that allow doctors to have positive relationships with their colleagues

1. Showcase Expertise with a Stand-out WhiteCoats Profile

Build a WhiteCoats profile and be under the spotlight among 3L+ doctors. This platform can provide a platform to showcase professional expertise, unique skills, achievements, and experiences and increase visibility.

2. Explore Varied Upwork Events & Expert Talks

Doctors can join varied subject-matter talks, medical education conversations, events, including webinars and expert sessions, and stay up to date in the stream of medicine.

3. Participate in Virtual Discussions Around Cases & Research

Doctors can engage with fellow doctors by initiating or participating in virtual case discussions for second opinions and get relevant advice for the best diagnosis and treatment plans.

Also, share thoughts or ask questions about the various research and news-related articles published in WhiteCoats on the latest advances in the medical literature.

4. Build a Successful Network with Doctors & Grow Professionally

Expand your professional network more efficiently and gain a broader perspective on day-to-day challenges, best clinical practices, new ways to treat patients and provide the best patient outcome.

5. Access mentorship opportunities & Become a Mentor Yourself

Mentorship is one of the best ways for transferring or exchanging knowledge and promoting best practices at work. With WhiteCoats, become a mentor yourself and be a role model, voice of reason, or a trusted resource that helps mentees grow professionally.

It is now essential to take the next steps in building your journey with everything going digital. WhiteCoats is a one-stop platform where doctors can-

  • Increase visibility through online presence

  • Consult online and in-person to expand caregiving

  • Fast-track work by adapting to automated system to reduce operational costs

  • Expand clinical expertise & professional network

  • Prospect the nature of learning digitally

  • Provide adequate patient outcomes with a personal brand

  • Explore vast career opportunities globally

  • Provide patient education content tailor-made for your practice

Growing work relationships is a critical component that often provides increased resources to be more efficient. WhiteCoats is one such platform where doctors feel they can indeed be effective and upgrade the quality of professional relationships. These relationships could help doctors get referred by their peers, which can directly be proportional to increased visibility and thereby increased consultations and revenues.


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