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Should We Delay the Second Dose of the COVID 19 Vaccine?

It is debatable to manage the demand of the COVID-19 vaccine and existing shortage, countries are coming up with different strategies such as vaccinating complete populations only with the first dose and later administering the second dose.

The clinical efficacy of any such modification in the vaccination protocol is unknown. Due to the pandemic situation, it is not practical to put the vaccine through established clinical trial protocols and evaluate the safety and efficacy

Researchers from the University of Western Ontario, London, University of Quebec, Canada, and Lakehead university Canada used the mathematical method to ask the most debatable question, is it advisable to delay the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?

The efficacy-based optimal strategy for the first and second dose was suggested in this article, the theoretical finding shows that optimal second dose scheduling is depending on the efficacy of the first and second dose. Most of the pharma companies have announced that the first dose of the vaccine is 50% efficient. This mathematical method can help the countries to calculate the time that can be considered to delay the second dose.

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