Science vs. COVID-19: Vaccine trials and other relevant information

In the latest upcoming and winnings vaccines have been progressing successfully on the trials that have been conducted are reaching a therapeutic approach for COVID-19. The pandemic has taken a toll on the world for months now and yet scientists are still studying and researching through the virus to find a loophole in a way a vaccine can be brought into existence. The DNA vaccines have been showing promising results. Researchers have also found that one of the six vaccines had a greater protective effect than the others. Tests and trials were conducted on monkeys and much information has been progressed. The tests have brought into sight certain neutralizing antibodies that are able to fight the virus. Other researchers from different countries have also come up with vaccine trials that seem promising. One of such being “The Convalescent Plasma” therapy which is rendered safe and is brought into light is proving to become one of the best and early defence treatments for the COVID-19 virus. This will become one of many such therapeutic options for people who contract the new coronavirus in the upcoming days.

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