sCD40L can be an Inflammatory Markers for  Early SARS-Cov-2 Infection

Search for new biomarkers of (SARS) coronavirus 2 infection is imperative for early diagnosis and stratification of COVID-19 severity in order to improve patient management. The study reported that circulating sCD40L and sCD62P levels are significantly modulated throughout the disease course of COVID-19. The patients in the cohort study were divided into two groups; the first group included 29 patients hospitalized for severe COVID-19. The second group termed as the PLASMACOV cohort included 26 patients who have already recovered from coronavirus disease. Luminex technology and ELISA were performed to assess plasma levels of platelet inflammatory markers on admission for both the cohort groups.

The results indicated that in patients with severe COVID-19, the sCD62P level significantly increased over time from 24,251 to 33,784 pg/ ml, whereas the sCD40L level decreased from 2396 to 1497 pg/ml. There was a significant interaction between the platelet inflammatory molecule and the time variables, indicating that the kinetics of the sCD40L plasma level significantly differed from that of sCD62P. Moreover, the plasma levels of sCD62P and sCD40L of COVID-19 patients were significantly higher than those observed in the plasma samples of convalescent patients, regardless of sampling time, except for the sCD62P level assessed in the first time point, which did not differ significantly from those in convalescent patients.

Thus, follow-up of platelet inflammatory parameters during the course of COVID19 could be of particular interest to clinicians. The study suggests that platelets could be relevant therapeutic targets allowing clinicians to intervene early and simultaneously on two major systems, hemostasis and inflammation, that are profoundly deregulated during COVID-19.

Ref Link: Pubmed

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