Risk of severe illness from COVID-19 to Asthma patients

The recent outbreak of coronavirus across the globe has exposed certain groups more to severe illness than others. One such group of people are those suffering from asthma. Considering COVID-19 pathology it majorly impacts the lungs of an individual. In such a case, people already suffering from lung disease like asthma can be at a higher risk.

People with moderate to severe asthma can be at COVID-19 risk, where their respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs) can be affected leading to attacks and if not treated early it can lead to severe pneumonia, acute respiratory disease, and death.

Since there is no certain treatment available for COVID-19, people are suggested to stay in isolation to prevent exposure to the virus. As a prevention measure, asthma patients are suggested to follow:

  1. Asthma action plans

  2. Avoid asthma triggers

  3. Maintain the supply of medications

  4. Maintain cleanliness & disinfection of things before touching.

Do connect with your healthcare providers on observing some symptoms of COVID-19.

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