Recovering from COVID-19? Diet Chart by Government to Build Immunity

The second wave of Coronavirus has turned out to be more alarming and devastating than the previous one. A lot of emphases is being put on eating a healthy diet to build immunity as it is important to combat COVID-19.

People recovering from COVID should switch to foods that will help in rebuilding their immunity.

The government has shared a 5-step sample meal plan for people who are recovering from COVID.

The government had listed food items on its mygovindia Twitter handle, the main focus of the meal plan is to help rebuild muscle, immunity, and energy levels.

  1. It says that a person recovering from COVID should consume whole grains like ragi, oats, and amaranth

  2. For protein intake, one can include chicken, fish, eggs, soy, nuts, and seeds. For fats, include walnuts, olive oil, and mustard oil

  3. It also said that 5 Servings of coloured fruits and vegetables to get adequate vitamins and minerals recommended

  4. If you love chocolates, then add a small number of dark chocolates which had 70% cocoa to get rid of anxiety

  5. It is advised to have turmeric milk once a day to boost immunity

The five-step sample meal plan is as follows:

  1. You can kick-start your day by having soaked almonds and raisins. Almonds are a powerhouse of protein and raisins help in your iron intake

  2. For breakfast, you can have ragi dosa or a bowl of porridge

  3. For lunch, along with your meal, you can have jaggery or and ghee

  4. For dinner, have khichdi, it is filled with essential nutrients and helps you sleep better

  5. Keep sipping water throughout the day. You can have homemade lime juice, buttermilk

The government has recommended consuming soft foods at regular intervals.

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