Recovered from Covid-19? Here’s What You Should Know and Keep in Mind

Have you just recovered from Covid-19? It is not advised to let your guard down as an increasing number of people are continuing to experience symptoms even after recovery in the second wave- known as “long-haul Covid.”

In such instances, a patient continues to experience symptoms up to 4 weeks from initial recovery.

Some of the complications seen in patients recovered from Covid-19 include the impact on lungs, kidneys, heart, and cases of mucormycosis.

Here is everything you should know about the complications that may arise, possibly after Covid-19 infection, and what are the precautions to be followed before resuming everyday life:

When can we be sure that a Covid-19 patient is cured and can resume everyday life?

If a Covid-19 patient has Influenza-like symptoms, then within ten days of onset of symptoms, he becomes non-infectious and can resume work after 17 days.

In severe acute respiratory infection cases, the patient becomes non-infectious after 20 days, and they can resume everyday life depending on the extent of their lung damage and other issues.

Why do some people see post-Covid complications?

Covid-19 is a viral infection that can cause long-term complications involving multiple organs, notably the lungs. Available data indicates that a quarter of people with Covid-19 suffer from symptoms up to 4-5 weeks after testing positive, and about 1 to 10 experience symptoms after 12 weeks.

There is no proper evidence that people experience post-covid conditions due to the presence of viruses in some parts of the body that is sheltered from the immune system.

What are the complications that may arise after I get cured of Covid-19?

Covid-19 is known to affect multiple organs- some of them include- shortness of breath, chest pain, breathing trouble, fever and fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and dizziness.

And majorly, this virus has the potential to involve lung cells, leading to lung fibrosis directly.

What did the Health Ministry recommend as post-Covid management protocol?

In the post-covid management protocol, the Health Ministry says the first follow-up after recovery should be seven days after discharge. People should avoid using many medications due to a risk for unknown drug-drug interaction, which may lead to serious adverse effects.

In persistent dry cough or sore throat, the Health Ministry recommends saline gargles and steam inhalation. People can take cough medication if advised by the doctor.

What precautions should be taken after recovering from Covid-19?

People with conditions like hypertension, diabetes, CVD, or renal failure should immediately start their regular medication. Secondly, one should consult their doctor and do necessary tests to see if Covid-19 has impacted their organs like the heart, kidney, liver.

Other precautions include- staying hydrated, practicing breathing exercises and meditation, following a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep, avoiding smoking and alcohol.

When can I resume to exercise after recovering?

One key concern of people after recovering from covid is workout sessions. The ideal way is to start slowly with low-intensity exercises.

It is best for those with respiratory symptoms like pneumonia to rest for ten days before resuming a workout routine. Those with chronic cardiac issues should take a break of 2-3 weeks before returning to any exercise regimen.

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