Power of Connections

Power of Connections

Build your network in WhiteCoats, an exclusive digital platform for doctors. Connect with doctors across 100 specialties and 2000 locations in India and reap the benefits of networking – cross consultation, second opinion, referrals, research etc which are mutually beneficial

You can Experience the #PowerofConnections by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the WhiteCoats App from www.whitecoats.com/invite

  2. Register and provide necessary details within the App to verify yourself as a Doctor. How to Verify?

  3. Connect with Doctors across specialties

Verified doctors who took an effort to build maximum number of connections through 15th September 2018 will GET* a #GOQii Fitness band

Terms & Conditions

  1. This initiative is run by WhiteCoats – Digital platform for Doctors to generate awareness about its product offering for Doctors and it is not a promotion for any other product

  2. Up to 5 members who participate in this initiative will be chosen by WhiteCoats team and a panel of Doctors, and will be contacted using registered email address and phone number

  3. In the event of any dispute, decision of WhiteCoats team is final

  4. For any queries, please email to support@whitecoats.com, or SMS/WhatsApp us at +91-7093993112