Potential COVID-19 vaccines

With a whopping 75,000 cases reported and constantly rising cases and death reports, the immediate need for vaccines is inevitable. Currently, there is no vaccine authorized for the infection. A vaccine is not expected for at least another year, suggesting even that being optimistic. Even if a vaccine produced there is no certainty of complete immunity against the infection. Below are two promising vaccine potentials:

Voltron Therapeutics: This US-based company, last month collaborated with Massachusetts General Hospital. A self-assembling vaccine (SAV) technology is adopted by the company to develop the vaccine. The animal trials are set to launch in late April. Above-adopted technology is different from traditional vaccines that use a weakened form of the virus to trigger immune reactions. Since the virus itself is not involved, this is termed safer.  

Coroflu, Bharat Biotech: Bharat Biotech is set to collaborate with the University of Wisconsin- Madison and pharma company FluGen to develop a vaccine called Coorflu, to be administered intranasally. The teams will work together to incorporate parts of the genome of the COVID-19 virus into the structure and test the results. It is believed to be at least three to six months before the clinical trials can take place.

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