Post pandemic crisis – Mental health fallout:

Now that the world is starting to experience the post-pandemic crisis, Dr. Konstantinos Petsanis from Switzerland  worries most about the mental health of societies and communities. The post-pandemic life is going to be entirely different when it comes to the one before or during and hence addressing mental health issues will help medical issues otherwise they will cause long-term consequences for families, communities, and societies. The UN has urged the world to take these mental health problems seriously and ensure widespread availability of mental health support. The WHO has guidelines for communities and people under pressure to work through the process. There is a scare of the above-mentioned issues by the doctor in Switzerland because; we are not only going to face the post-pandemic medical crisis but also an additional threat of long period economic instability. Despite the declining cases, the healthcare workers on the frontline face their own set of unique stressors. Dr. Petsanis states that health care workers are under enormous pressure. He mainly focuses on how the stress experienced by societies and even the healthcare workers can be fatal. In a recently published opinion piece in Time Magazines, the UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres stressed the impact of stress, anxiety, and grief on the post-pandemic life and urged communities around the world to take mental health seriously.

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