Positive Results of Long-acting Ivermectin for COVID-19

MedinCell, a French biotech company has presented positive results from a clinical trial validating the safety of continuous administration of ivermectin. There is increasing evidence of ivermectin’s prophylactic effects on COVID-19. The inexpensive drug, which is primarily used as an antiparasitic therapy, has been used widely off-label in parts of the world, and the evidence of its effects continues to accrue. MedinCell has shared phase 1 data on the continuous daily administration of ivermectin. The results are an early step in a program that could lead to the use of a long-acting injectable formulation of the molecule.

The data suggest that the drug can be safely administered for one month at doses up to 75 µg/kg. No significant side effects were observed in the first cohorts (daily doses of 50 μg/kg, 75 μ respectively) studied successively. Continuous administration over 1 month to healthy volunteers in the first two cohorts of the study confirms Ivermectin’s safety up to a dose of 75 µg/kg. The in vivo tests suggest that the injectable formulation in the form of the prefilled syringe is stable for up to 2 years at room temperature. MedinCell is extending the release of ivermectin using its BEPO technology.

The technology is based on copolymers and a biocompatible solvent that is formulated with the active ingredient. After administration, the components trap the active ingredient in a depot that then gradually degrades by hydrolysis to release the ingredient. The candidate is designed to form small subcutaneous depots of ivermectin to enable the ongoing release of the drug.

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Ref link: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201217006031/en/Covid-19-MedinCell-Presents-Positive-First-Results-From-the-Clinical-Trial-Aiming-at-Validating-the-Safety-of-Continuous-Administration-of-Ivermectin