People with comorbidities are at high risk

The presence of comorbid conditions is associated with an increased incidence of fatalities in COVID-19 cases. Comorbid conditions such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, prior stroke, heart diseases, chronic kidney diseases, and chronic lung diseases have been associated with increased severity of COVID-19 and related deaths. According to the data released by the health ministry of India, 86% of the patients, who died due to COVID-19 had one or more of the above mentioned underlying conditions. A combination of two or more such conditions was present in over half of the dead patients and over 17% of patients had more than three co-morbidities. Amongst the dead patients due to COVID-19 having significant comorbidities, 56% had diabetes, 47% had hypertension, 20% had respiratory/lung disease and only 16% had cardiac disease. A similar pattern was observed worldwide, where most deaths due to COVID-19 were in patients with significant co-morbidities. 

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