Our WhiteCoats Journey

Hello everyone,

As we near 2 years since our initial beta launch, I’m happy to discuss the evolution of WhiteCoats that started as an idea in 2015, to today being a platform for doctors with around 1,50,000 registered doctors from 100+ specialties and from 2000+ locations in India.

In a rapidly evolving healthcare industry, scientific and technological advancements are the new norm. Given the resulting dynamics in medical practices, doctors and medical practitioners are amongst the highest impacted professionals. In an era of shifting disease patterns, lifestyle diseases contributing to changing patient profiles combined with medical research, and pharmaceutical breakthroughs resulting in increasing treatment options, doctors are constantly challenged by information overload, lack of time often limited by their experiences and personal network. Further with dynamic market and competitive forces globally & in India, doctors are constantly having to fend for themselves to be build and sustain their successful professional practices.

With a vision to help address such challenges with a simple yet effective technology solution, WhiteCoats was launched in July 2016. The vision of WhiteCoats is to empower doctors and their community of medical practitioners to be clinically effective and professionally successful. Since inception, WhiteCoats has been on a mission to build a trusted collaborative digital platform for the medical fraternity that delivers enduring value, and powers their professional and personal growth.

WhiteCoats is powered by best-in-class application, mobile, data and cloud technologies. With a strong verification process for medical practitioners to enroll into its network, and underlying controls and encryption measures, it provides a safe and secure networking and collaboration platform for communities of practitioners.

WhiteCoats uses a multi-pronged approach to deliver value to practitioners:

Power of Communities and Collective Intelligences – WhiteCoats provides an effective means of fostering academic, social and fruitful interaction within the community members leading to collective learning and effective decision making.

Efficacy and reach provided by Professional Networks – WhiteCoats helps medical practitioners with an exclusive professional network of doctors to discuss, ideate and support each otherso that information and best practices within the fraternity can be put into best use.

Data science driven curation& personalized insights – WhiteCoats helps the medical practitioners save time by acting as their knowledge hub for content and insights that are curated from over 150 popular international medical journals, and medical news from various trusted sources.

Clinical and Practice effectiveness tools – With a strong belief that clinical effectiveness drives positive patient outcomes, which in turn drives their practice success, WhiteCoats will continue to provide a variety of clinical and practice tools to help doctors move forward in their professional journey.

Looking forward to welcoming doctors to your exclusive WhiteCoats network, and leverage the power of the platform to engage, stay up-to-date and BeDrEffective!

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