Not Just Water, Vessel Also Matters!

Keeping the body hydrated by drinking lots of water is one of the important aspects of staying healthy. When it comes to drinking water, we majorly focus on how it is being purified, but have we ever given a thought to how we are storing it? The vessel that we use not only stores the water but also interacts with it and influences its chemical contents.

During the olden days, people used earthen matkas to store water, but water bottles made of glass or plastic or both have become popular these days. Containers made of this material may be harmful in the long run. Ayurveda suggests that copper vessels are the best for storing water.

What is the difference between Plastic, Glass, and Copper?

Plastic bottles contain Bisphenol A or BPA, a chemical compound linked to various diseases including cancer. Here are some harmful effects of these bottles-

•    These bottles also contain various toxins that are gradually absorbed by the water inside the bottle — exposure to BPA when pregnant may cause birth defects.

•    This chemical may also affect the development of the brain and behavior and hence disposable mineral water bottles should never be reused.

•    Plastic bottles absorb odors and tend to leak after repeated use.

Glass is an inert material and doesn’t influence the storage of water. However, if you want to consider these bottles for water storage, make sure that are lead and cadmium-free. Also, glass bottles are not cheap and tend to crack or break. Once broken, they cannot be reused.

Copper influences the chemical balance in the water. However, this does not harm the body but has many benefits.

•    It acts as a natural sterilizer and has an oligodynamic effect on water stored in it.

•    It helps destroy harmful pathogens that are commonly found in water.

•    Copper is an element required for the body and water stored in a copper vessel supplies our body’s daily copper requirement.

•    It also regulates cholesterol, heart rate, and blood pressure levels.

•    Copper has also been associated with an ability to regulate thyroid functioning, ease joint pains, improve fertility, heal internal wounds, help in hemoglobin synthesis, and in maintaining the proper acid-alkaline balance in our bodies.

So based on the points mentioned above, it is clear that a copper vessel is the best way to store water.

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