No restriction on trials of HCQ drug as a preventive measure in India- WHO

The World Health Organisation stated that a moratorium announced on testing of HCQ; the controversial anti-malarial drug, doesn’t mean that there is a ban on carrying out trials in India. India should be carrying out stricter trials to test the efficacy of the drug in staving off infection in asymptomatic people at higher risk of contracting. As many as 400 hospitals from around the world will compare the benefits of the drug against COVID-19 in the Randomised Clinical Trial (RCT) which is the most medically legitimate approach. While this was in progress, a different study stated that HCQ shows no benefit but in fact puts patients at higher risks of cardiac arrhythmia. However the study wasn’t a clinical trial but only based on observations. The Government has increased the use of HCQ to not only healthcare workers but also paramilitary and the police personnel involved in COVID-19 management. The recovery rate in India continues to improve with a 41.61 % and death rate of 2.87% which is the lowest in the world.

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