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Mouth wash to the rescue: Studies say the mighty mouth wash can contain COVID-19.

A recent journal published review, speculates that mouth wash could potentially inhibit the disease from spreading.

With the COVID-19 cases surging every day, experts are in a desperate state to either find a cure or contain the disease. On that basis, a recently published review article speculates that by using mouth wash, once can contain the spread of the novel virus.

Once the clinical trials of the published article go live, this can potentially be an effective way to reduce the spread of the disease until experts can find a treatment or vaccine.

With the sudden emergence of the unusual virus, scientists all over the world are scrambling to find a vaccine or treatment to contain or treat the novel deadly virus. However, the possibility of a vaccine could potentially take 12-18 months to develop. Meanwhile, with a desperate attempt to not overwhelm hospitals and healthcare workers, scientists are looking at unconventional ways to keep the virus at bay.

It is quite established that COVID-19 is an enveloped virus. The proteins on the outer membrane of the virus allow it to replicate effectively. If the envelope is disrupted, there are is a huge chance of slowing down the spread.

Health officials and governments promote washing hands and using disinfectants as a primary precaution, due to the fact that these reagents can help in disrupting the envelope.

Several studies prove that the virus replicates in the mouth of the affected, meaning the highest concentration of the virus is situated in the area. This makes it easy for the person to spread the virus, just by coughing and sneezing. Previous research denotes that 60-70% of solutions containing alcohol content is known to be effective against microbes.

Right now experts are working on figuring out how the microbes can be killed using low strength alcohol products.

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