Mobile phones can spread coronavirus – suggested by Doctors at AIIMS Raipur

A group of doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Raipur has suggested that mobile phones could possibly be a potential vector for the coronavirus. They have further suggested that personal hygiene practices should be incorporated in day to day life more strictly. The article published by 5 doctors in BMJ Global Health Journal that mobile phones could be the missing link in controlling the pandemic. There are about 1.2 billion cell phone users in India including healthcare workers. They use mobile phones for various reasons related to patients and medicine. However, the theory lists how and why the mobile phone carries the diseases, it also admits that it is not supported by any evidence. The article also goes on to suggest that there should be restrictions on the usage of mobile phones in hospitals and healthcare institutes and also a restriction on the sharing of headphones and chargers. It also promotes handwashing usage of washable mobiles covered long with disinfecting the phones often. 

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