Medical facts Everyone Should Know

We all think that we are living a healthy lifestyle, but staying informed and alert is the key when it comes to health. Here are a few medical tips that everyone should know:

Alcohol Use: Never hide your drinking habits to the doctor as there are drugs that can interfere and can affect the treatment.

About Emergency (ER): In all cases, emergency does not mean inconvenience, irritation, or chronic condition, it could be non-emergent issues also.

Check your weight: Keep an eye on your weight. Rapid unintentional weight loss/gain is often a sign of some severe conditions.

Immune system to the rescue: Your immune system is one of the greatest assets you have. Your body will autonomously eradicate 6-10 cancers in your lifetime, where the immune system repairs and fights the infections.

Tylenol is not a miracle cure: It’s very common to give a Tylenol or Ibuprofen for fever in children to bring it down. One must remember that you only treating symptoms and not cure.

Can you hear me?: If you don’t treat your hearing loss early, eventually the brain loses connection to sounds and later impairs your ability to understand speech more and more the longer you go with untreated hearing loss, which could be severe.

Aspirin might save your life: If you suspect a heart attack, take aspirin and not Ibuprofen or paracetamol, or any other analgesic/painkiller. Also, get yourself to a hospital. Chewing or swallowing aspirin will work.

CPR is not like the movies: When you suspect someone not breathing by themselves, begin CPR immediately and DO NOT STOP until any medical professional arrives, even if it is for several hours. CPR is not performed to have the patient miraculously wake up and make out but sustain the most vital bodily functions like the circulation of oxygen to the brain.

Why the head hurts: The majority of headaches are caused by a lack of sleep or a lack of water. Consider these two factors before making any conclusions.

Too little, too late: Know the signs of a heart attack and stroke. These are time-sensitive and potentially deadly events.

Doctor’s orders: Never stop your medications by yourself, no matter how good you feel. Patients usually stop antibiotics and relapse. In such cases, most diseases can only be managed; they can’t really be cured.


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