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Marketing Strategies for Dentists to Increase Patient Inflow

Finding a good dentist is difficult, but bringing in valuable patients is no easy task as a dentist yourself!

It is essential to keep a consistent patient inflow and build your patient base to grow your dental practice. To achieve this, you need a system that attracts new patients that turns them into recurring patients.

Marketing is the Key

How to market your services?

Today marketing for dentists requires several different approaches.

The rise of the internet has given birth to what we call digital marketing, and there is no doubt that digital marketing has more potential than traditional marketing. Traditional dental marketing is slowing down with more dentists shifting to the digital platform.

Also, the problem with traditional marketing is that it is really expensive, and you need to spend a lot of money to promote your services but still miss out on the real opportunities.

Online digital marketing is the key to your success!

Read on to know the FIVE effective digital marketing strategies for dentists to attract new patients to your dental practice-

Tele Dentistry Marketing

Many dentists are now offering tele dentistry services allowing patients to connect with doctors and discuss their treatment from the comfort of their homes. Tele dentistry is secure, convenient, and accessible. If you are a dentist willing to provide tele dentistry services to your patients, your marketing strategies can include the following:

  • Educate your patients about tele dentistry service and its advantages

  • Make it easy for your patients to schedule their appointments online

  • Promote your tele dentistry practice services to optimize your online visibility and reputation among patients

  • Highlight your tele dentistry practice services to attract more patients

  • Connect with your patients online and improve patient satisfaction

Create your Google My Business profile

Around 90% of searches happen on Google, and an optimized Google My Business listing is a huge opportunity that most dentists are unaware of. If you want to bring in new patients, do not underestimate Google My Business. This helps you manage your online practice listing across the Google search engine.

When looking for a local dentist on Google, GMB should have all the important information. This will help in attracting patients.

  • Your name & clinic name

  • Contact & address of your clinic

  • Timings on your clinic

  • Average reviews & ratings

You can actively respond to reviews and help build a positive online profile by encouraging people to contact you and schedule an appointment. This makes it easier for the person searching for dentists and become your newest patient.

Create your Facebook Business Profile

Facebook is a great social media site and continues to grow daily. So, there is really no excuse for any business not to advertise on Facebook!

For a dentist, having a Facebook Business Page helps promote and share exactly what it is about your practice. This makes your patients happy to visit, return, review, & refer. Optimizing several key elements of your dental practice Facebook Page can expand your local search footprint & improve engagement with your patients. Consider features like-

  • Facebook Live to take your patients behind the scenes of your practice

  • Advertising on Facebook helps patients recognize your brand, allowing direct targeting of patients in your area/locality

  • Facebook Rating & Reviews from your existing patients, which is one of the ranking criteria which helps you promote your brand

  • Shareable Content & Posts that drive patients to follow you and share the information

Content Marketing

Create content for your patients, another marketing method to promote your brand and entice more patients.

The content can be virtually anything from:

• Videos & eye-catching infographics

• Beautifully crafted animations & clever gifs

• Patient education content like oral health tips, myth busters, FAQs, etc

• Showcasing the new technology equipment used in your clinic

• Patient testimonials and much more

The more engaging your content the more is your visibility on social media platforms which helps you reach the right audience.

Maximize SEO

How do you intend to increase patient inflow to your dental clinic if people can’t find you?

SEO is an excellent tool to increase your visibility on the google search engine results page, but only when you do it right.

Here is a comprehensive guide to SEO for dentists-

  • Avoid keyword stuffing. There’s a limit to how many times a potential client can read the word “dentist” on your post before they are sick of it

  • Avoid unnatural links or over-optimized anchors

  • Use more long-tail keywords

  • Structure your content properly

  • Create a blog with quality articles (search engine optimized articles) that are engaging and educating

  • Local SEO goes a long way in helping to reach people in your area

Customer trust is more important for those with a dental practice. To achieve your target, you need an additional support system to take a step forward to implement these strategies. Trusted by 60,000+ doctors, WhiteCoats provides customized growth services exclusively for doctors.

Connect with us to learn about how we help practices grow.


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