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m-RNA Treatment Shows Promising Results to Stop Flu and COVID19 Viruses

An easily administered treatment at home has been developed by the researchers at George Institute of Technology and Emory University that stops the multiplication of both flu and COVID19 virus. The therapy was based on CRISPR which targets the specific portions of the genetic code of the RNA molecules. CRISPR is a technology that is used to edit or alter gene sequencing which can help to stop the replications of the virus.

The treatment is easy to follow and can be administered via nebulization through the lungs making it easier for patients to do it at home by themselves. As per the studies, only one genetic sequencing was changed via the guide strand. mRNA technology was used to code for a protein called Cas13a that destroys parts of the RNA genetic code that viruses use to replicate in cells in the lungs. It appears to show promising results showing its effectiveness against the highly contagious variants of coronavirus that have begun to circulate. The research targeted changing the sequencing of the gene.

The main idea was to attack the polymerase genes which allows the virus to make more RNA and replicate. The approach has the potential to work against 99% of flu strains. With help of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and surveillance teams, it was easy to identify the genetic sequence. 

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