Know on the Go 

Constant learning constitutes a major portion of a doctor’s practice. A doctor, however, leads a very busy life. Finding the right sources to gain information on the latest researches is also very challenging and time-consuming.

In the wake of these problems slowing growth in the medical community, we designed WhiteCoats an app to cater specifically to the wants and needs of doctors. The app is a unique network of doctors and for doctors that fosters peer-to-peer or community-based professional interaction amongst doctors based on speciality, interests, and affiliations. It helps doctors learn new things while on the go.

The articles provided on the app are up-to-date with the latest researches being conducted in numerous fields. But we don’t burden doctors with jargon, the articles shared on the app are mapped to the doctor’s speciality, which means doctors receive only those updates that are relevant to them. Along with the provision of journal articles doctors on the app we also give you:

  1. Medicolegal News

  2. Do-it-Yourself Tips

  3. Drug Updates

  4. Industry Updates

  5. International News

  6. Health Tips

  7. Medical Updates

  8. Policies and Politics

  9. Treatment Protocols

All of these are written by a team of medical experts who first find the most engaging researches happening in the field (domestic and international). After thoroughly understanding it, they create a gist of the important points in the form of an article that is can be read and understood in a few minutes. (To Download WhiteCoats, Click here)

These articles can be read by doctors amidst their daily work hassle. Times, when doctors can indulge in the informative articles on WhiteCoats, are:

While waiting for their patients

Doctors often have some time at hand in the Out Patient Department (OPD) while waiting for their patients to arrive. This time can be used to catch up on the latest happenings in the healthcare industry only on WhiteCoats.

Between surgeries

Doctors often find a little free time between surgeries which can be used to learn something new. WhiteCoats provides doctors with patient-specific content that can be used to facilitate learning.

When the patient’s urine output keeps them up

Waiting for the patient to clear his bladder gives many doctors in the ICU sleepless nights. This time can be used effectively with WhiteCoats on which doctors can read the specially curated journal articles and drug updates available. (To Download WhiteCoats, Click here)

When the anaesthetist is busy

Anaesthesia delivery often gives other doctors some time to catch up on the trending issues in the field. With WhiteCoats doctors gain access to a plethora of information to help them better their practice as well as get updated with all the researches happening in the field.

When the patient is prepping

The short time interval doctors get when the patient is being prepped for a procedure can be used to learn with WhiteCoats. Reading simplified information about new guidelines or protocols in the healthcare industry can help them greatly.

While in the elevator

While this may not be a lot of time, reading while in elevators can help doctors with WhiteCoats know a lot of new things. The articles on the app can be read in barely a minute and cover all the information necessary.

Therefore, with WhiteCoats gaining important medical information, news, and updates are now simpler than ever. It makes the task of collecting and understanding information much easier and helps foster continuous growth in the doctors’ community. (To Download WhiteCoats, Click here)

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