Keep Piles Away With These 7 Simple Tips

Haemorrhoids, commonly called piles, are the masses or lumps, a tissue full of blood vessels in the anal canal which are too painful. Each of us has haemorrhoids, but when these become swollen near the anal passage, it is hell painful while passing stool. Some piles are self-limiting and are cured in no time while some are chronic and bothersome.

Here are some easy tips to prevent piles –1. Wonders of having plenty of water

This is the simplest way to keep piles away. Keeping yourself well-hydrated by drinking lots of water helps in preventing constipation. This thereby reduces the strain and pressure exerted on the anal blood vessels. Therefore it is important to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to maintain healthy bowel movements.

2. Magic of maintaining a healthy weight

Being overweight could be a cause of piles, because, the extra pressure it puts on the rectal muscles. Therefore, keeping optimal weight is one of the best ways to prevent piles.

3. Introducing regular exercise into a daily routine

Performing regular exercise is vital in stimulating the bowels and preventing constipation. People with sedentary lifestyles must walk and wander around taking time, over sitting may flare up the haemorrhoids by exerting pressure on them. Although performing strenuous exercises may also end up increasing the pressure on the abdomen which can lead to haemorrhoid formation, therefore performing simple exercises is worthy for preventing plies.

4. Goodness of consuming fibre-rich food

Diet rich in fibre prevents and also heals haemorrhoids. Adding fruits, whole grains, vegetables, pulses, and nuts. This also helps keep your digestive tract functioning well. This creates the bulk of the stools and reduces the risk of developing haemorrhoids and exerts less strain while passing stools.

5. Refrain from consuming Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages must be avoided as these may upset your digestive tract by dehydrating your body that leads to constipation and straining during your bowel movements. Hence, it is a wise step to limit the intake of alcohol.

The above easy ways to fight against piles are worth following give a try if you are one!

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