Johnson & Johnson taking confirms of human testing for COVID-19 vaccine by September

The rising chaotic situation across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made pharma companies to roll up their sleeves and find a potential solution as early as possible. Though there are many companies in this race of finding a potential vaccine, confirmation of human testing for the COVID-19 vaccine by September from Johnson & Johnson brings some hope of relief. If the human trials give positive results than probably by the end of the year, the world will have a vaccine for the pandemic.

Recently, the company Johnson & Johnson has undergone an official agreement with the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, wherein $1billion will be invested to support the efforts.

J&J is known to be involved in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine from early January of this year, where they are using Ad26 Sars-CoV2 and a similar technology that was used by them for the development of a potential vaccine against Ebola virus.

“Well-positioned through our combination of scientific expertise, operational scale and financial strength to bring our resources in collaboration with others to accelerate the fight against this pandemic.”

– CEO Alex Gorsky

Presently, there is no vaccine or potential medicine that can help overcome the menace of COVID-19. Lots of pharma companies across the globe have entered to fight the menace by coming up with potential research and solution that can help humanity. However, there is no doubt that these developments will take their own time as human trials are quite comprehensive. Till then let’s hope things work out and the world soon has the vaccine.

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