Is Your Spine Healthy?

Maintaining spine health is essential for the overall gut. By improving the health of your spine, you can avoid the need for spine surgery. This could be possible through physical therapy.

Why do neck and back hurt?

Due to the daily routine work there exerts strain and pressure on the back due to activities like sitting, standing too long or lifting weights, or poor eating habits. Most of the spine pains are due to:

•    Lack of muscle strength

•    Poor alignment and posture

•    Improper bending, sitting, lifting or sleeping

•    Poor flexibility and muscle coordination

The great news is that you can manage and get back to normal as your body is adaptable. With the right treatment and training, you can cope well with your spine pain. Physical therapists can guide you to deal with it and avoid in undergoing other procedures.

Here are 5 tips you can try to maintain a healthy spine:

1. Know your sitting position

Excessive sitting can lead to extra pressure on the spine. So make sure you do not sit for a long time, limit your sitting to about 30 minutes each time. If you have an opportunity to stand and work that is also fine for some time.

2. Maintain better posture

The way you sit, stand, stretch, lift, etc. plays a key role in defining your spine’s health. Picking the things or any weights from down must be done by bending the knees but not by bending the back. Always when standing, sitting, walking or sitting imagine that a string is pulling you from the top. This makes proper alignment and posture.

3. Strengthen your core muscles

Your abdominal muscles, spinal muscles, and pelvic/hip muscles are core muscles. It is common for these muscles to weaken along with continuous sitting, pre or post-partum, or after the surgeries and injuries. Tightening these muscles provides the required muscle support to the spine. Consult your physical therapist for proper exercises.

4. Take proper nutrition

Your body needs energy since you use it all day long; rebuilding is a must and should. You need the right nutrition to keep your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and discs in the spine healthy. Include dark green leafy vegetables, lean protein, and stay hydrated.

5. Keep your spine moving

Your spine needs movement, so you should restore the flexibility in your spine with gentle, specialized hands-on therapy as well as specific exercises. Participate in Yoga and Pilates for improving stability, strength, and spinal balance.

Physical therapy is the best remedy for resolving your spine issues.

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