Is Vitamin D a potential solution for COVID-19?

Experts speculate that a dose of Vitamin D through intravenous infusion could potentially reverse some damage caused by COVID-19.

Since its emergence in Wuhan, China late last year, COVID-19 has affected over 7 million people and claiming thousands of lives. Due to its peculiar characteristics, the novel virus is hard to study, and experts are only managing to come up with experimental drugs or vaccines.

Currently, experts are speculating the use behind vitamin D for COVID-19. Though there is no existing evidence proving that the vitamin dis harmful for COVID-18 patients, there is also no proof that the said vitamin can great the novel virus. Researchers are experimenting using high doses of the vitamin D through intravenous infusion but not yet offering any over-the-counter supplements.

Vitamin D is an antioxidant that can fight any oxidative damage like when the immune system is attacked by a pathogen it can cause oxidative damage. It also aids healthy immune function by helping in the development of white blood cells for the immune system. Its role as an antioxidant plays a crucial role in suppressing inflammation, linking it to the cases of severe COVID-19 cases experiencing extreme inflammation.

Contrastingly, a paper published in 2020 cautions that high usage of vitamin D could possibly change the way immune cells die, increasing local inflammation. Vitamin C causes few side effects, even at high doses. This means that it may be a safer alternative to riskier treatments.

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