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Indian Vaccine Giant Steps Ahead For Vaccine against COVID-19

The vaccine manufacturing giant Indian Immunological Limited (IIL) has joined hands with Australian University to co-develop vaccine against COVID-19. Indian Immunological is a Hyderabad based company involved in the manufacturing of vaccines for over many years and has gained a significant name in the field with their various other robust solutions. The company will be soon seen working with Griffith University to take ahead the research work further.

“After evaluating various options being followed across the world, we decided to develop a Live Attenuated COVID-19 vaccine based on codon de-optimization technology. With our dedicated research and development capabilities supported by an excellent team of scientists and engineers, IIL is committed to developing high-quality vaccines that are affordable. We are confident that this new cross-continental collaboration will yield the desired results.”

– Dr. Prasanna Deshpande, Deputy Managing Director, IIL

The collaborative research between the vaccine giant and Australian University will majorly focus on creating live attenuated vaccine (LAV). These are vaccines which are made from living organism such as bacteria or virus. In the present case, it will be the Sars-CoV2 virus. This may often raise concern among many of you that how live virus can be used to treat the COVID-19 condition. Well, though there is the use of live virus, it is weakened such that when introduced in an individual it prompts requisite immune response sufficient enough to fight when the wild type of the virus invades. Moreover, the vaccine will be manufactured using the latest codon de-optimization technology which has been used for the efficient development of similar RNA viruses such as the Zika virus. 

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