Indian origin scientist cracks COVID genome signature using AI

While the world is fighting the deadly coronavirus diseases, scientific fraternity across the globe are putting their restless efforts to come up with all possible solutions that can help defeat the diseases. In light of this, recently an Indian origin scientist has cracked COVID-19 genome signature using artificial intelligence.

The team of scientist have identified and unlocked the genomic signature of 29 different sequences of COVID, opening up path for vaccines and drug developers to curate and come up with potential solution. The genetic information of the virus will help scientist and researchers working across the globe to fuel their findings for COVID. Thus, helping open Pandora box of opportunities to find new remedies. The research has been carried out by Gurjit Randhawa from Western University in Canada and is published recently in PLOSE ONE journal.

“We used that signature pattern and a logical approach to match that pattern as close as possible to other viruses and achieved a fine level of classification in minutes — not days, not hours but minutes,” – Researcher at Western University in Canada

The identification method consist of ultra-fast, immensely accurate and robust classification systems which uses a comprehensive graphic module and other exclusive software’s offering best possible results. Though various earlier machine learning related researchers were considered to be so robust, the present study has its own significance as it is known to achieve 100 per cent precise and accurate classification results for the virus sequence.  

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