India’s COVAXIN Vaccine Effective Against UK Variant of COVID-19

Researchers from India performed a plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT50) using sera collected from the 26 recipients of BBV152/COVAXIN™ against hCoV-19/India/20203522 (UK-variant) and hCoV27 19/India/2020Q111 (heterologous strain). Comparable neutralization activity of the vaccinated individual’s sera showed against UK-variant and the heterologous strain with similar efficiency, dispel the uncertainty of possible neutralization escape.

Their study concluded sera from the vaccine recipients could neutralize the UK-variant strains discounting the uncertainty around potential escape. It was reassuring from the PRNT50 data generated in their laboratory that the indigenous BBV152/ COVAXIN™, following its rollout in the vaccination program, could be expected to work against the new UK-variant. It is unlikely that the mutation 501Y would be able to dampen the potential benefits of the vaccine in concern.

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