Immunity towards COVID-19 on re-exposure! Here are the details.

Studies published recently to offer some insight into evidence that surviving the COVID-19 may result in immunity from reinfection. US researchers exposed as many as 9 monkeys to COVID-19, the illness caused by a novel coronavirus. After they recovered, the team exposed the same monkeys to the virus again and found that the animals weren’t infected. The study suggests that monkey’s developed a natural immunity that protects them against re-infection. The tests were looked into by Dr. Dan Barouch says that is it a good news but this isn’t a proven fact in humans yet. In a second study, Dr. Barouch and his team of researchers exposed 25 monkeys with six prototype vaccines to see if the antibodies produce were protective. Then they exposed these monkeys and 10 other control animals to the SARS-CoV-2. All of the animals showed the presence of infection in noses and lungs but in the vaccinated animal’s natural protection against the virus was observed.

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