Ibuprofen tested to be a potential treatment for COVID-19

In a recent study called liberate, experts find the common painkiller, Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug could treat COVID-19 by treating acute respiratory distress syndrome.

With the new novel virus, COVID-19 showing no signs of mercy, scientists from a study conducted in London called liberate are evaluating whether a common painkiller such as ibuprofen can be used to treat severe cases of COVID-19 in patients.

The team is using a type of ibuprofen- Flarin commonly available throughout the United Kingdom. The theory is that the painkiller can help in slowing down one of the symptoms, acute respiratory syndrome commonly seen in COVID-19 patients.

If the current study finds to be successful, it would help in attitudes towards COVID-19 treatment. The trial was conducted in London after the animal studies turned out to be successful.

Once the team receives a go signal, a trial will be conducted completely randomized, with half revining regular standard treatment and the other half receiving drug additionally. The first half with standard treatment will be provided with ventilators to facilitate oxygen.

“As a new illness, there are limited treatment options for patients with Covid-19,” said Richard Beale, a professor of intensive care medicine at the NHS trust. “The clinical trial will assess whether this unique formulation of an established drug benefits patients.”

With the virus affecting millions and claiming thousands of deaths across 180 countries, this finding can potentially be a cost effective solution in reducing some burden off the healthcare sector by keeping patients off ventilators. 

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