HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors Might Inhibit Cell Entry of Coronavirus

As the pandemic shows us the chaotic picture of how the virus seems to affect individuals, it hasn’t met a vaccine as strong as itself to ward off the virus. Although a few of the risk factors have been brought into the light, one of them is obesity. Statins are a category of drugs that are used to control high cholesterol levels in obesity. A recently published study suggested that statins do not enhance the risk of infection but may have a small beneficial effect in a few cases. This research particularly states that as statins lower the LDL and increase HDL levels, statin modulation of serum lipoprotein homeostasis may contribute to the observations held previously of beneficial effects of statins in patients in addition to immunomodulatory and other effects. The results showed that the alphacoronavirus displayed a moderate reduction in the infectivity of statin concentration. Low HDL has been observed in critical COVID-19 patients. Since statins increase the HDL levels while reducing LDL levels, their lipid homeostatic effect contributes to their beneficial effect in this pandemic viral infection. Overall this study strongly suggests that individuals can continue statin regimen during the current pandemic.

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