Highly-effective Antibodies Put Forth Passive Vaccination Against COVID-19

Highly effective antibodies against the coronavirus were identified in research which has put forth passive vaccination against COVID-19. It was also discovered that some SARS-CoV-2 antibodies bind to tissue samples from various organs, which could potentially trigger undesired side effects. Scientists isolated almost 600 different antibodies from the blood of recovered individuals and narrowed it down to a few antibodies that were particularly effective at binding to the virus.

Further, these antibodies were produced artificially using cell cultures. The identified neutralizing antibodies bind to the virus, as crystallographic analysis reveals, thereby preventing the pathogen from entering cells and reproducing. Virus recognition by the antibodies also helps immune cells to eliminate the pathogen. Studies in hamsters that are susceptible to infection by SARS-CoV-2 confirmed the high efficacy of the selected antibodies.

Antibody treatment for COVID-19 is being investigated via the plasma from the blood of recovered patients. These effective antibodies are produced in a controlled manner on an industrial scale and in constant quality. This is the goal set for the particular study say the scientists. In addition to patient treatment, the protection of healthy individuals who have had contact with an infected person is also necessary. The tenure of protection is still unknown and is being investigated in studies.

Unlike active vaccination, this vaccination involves ready-made antibodies that degrade with time and the protection it provides is less persistent compared. But the effect of passive vaccination is almost immediate. But during the investigation, the researchers made a further discovery. Some antibodies are specifically attached to the protein in the body that had nothing to do with the virus. Hence further analysis is required, state the scientists.

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