Helps your patients, Helps your practice

Helps your patients, Helps your practice

WhiteCoats is an app that caters specifically to the needs of the doctor’s community. It is the perfect platform for doctors to gain knowledge and insights along with networking and collaboration. But that’s not all you get when you join one of the largest communities of verified doctors in India.

Role of Patients in Healthcare

At WhiteCoats, we realize that patients are the essence of any doctor’s practice and making your practice patient-centric is vital. Patient satisfaction is the key to running a successful healthcare business.

The role of a patient in healthcare is not the same as it was a decade ago. They are no longer passive recipients of care.

Importance of Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is and will always be the foremost factor in assessing the efficacy of your practice. Looking at it from a business point of view patient satisfaction matters for the following reasons:

– Creating a Loyal Patient Base: In today’s overly-competitive healthcare environment, hospitals must do everything possible to ensure their patients continue to pick them as their medical treatment providers. A satisfied patient is more likely to visit the same hospital than search for a new facility.

– Getting New Patients: As the age-old marketing strategy goes, word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. People who are satisfied with their hospital stay are more likely to share their experience with others, greatly helps healthcare facilities to keep new patients coming through the doors.

– Better Clinical Outcomes: Studies indicate a direct correlation between patient satisfaction and the effectiveness of treatment. Doctors and staff members who can create a feeling of trust will increase the likelihood of the patient following their treatment recommendations.

– Reducing the Risk of Litigation: Some medical literature suggests that patients who are pleased with the level of care provided by a hospital are less likely to file a complaint if they experience a displeasing clinical outcome. (Download WhiteCoats and access patients learning support)

The current scenario

Doctor’s are now expected to engage patients in their own health, care, and treatment. Innovations in technology have enabled patients to in a way have control of their own health with support from doctors.

Solutions offered by WhiteCoats

For Your Patients

On our app, we have a specialized channel dedicated to this purpose. Our channel recognizes the current trends in society and gives you easy-to-understand tips and information that you can share with your patients across social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.

These range from helping them deal with the increased air pollution index to explaining to them the difference between the various types of flu. Topics that you wouldn’t generally find that important but are of crucial importance to doctors are shared on our app.

These articles can be read in barely any time and are written in a way that is extremely easy for patients to comprehend.

HealthDay TV

But the advantages of installing WhiteCoats for your patients and practice do not end here. We have another channel that discusses several real-world issues. These help you stay updated with the issues trending in the industry and are a great source of knowledge for your patients. They, however, are not just write-ups, they are supported with videos which will help your patient understand the issue much more easily.

Our channel has been designed in such a way that it presents the latest medical researches often published in top journals. The highly technical language in these articles is then transformed into a concise compelling report for the consumers. The goal of the video is to add to the public’s understanding of major medical findings and how these findings can be advantageous to consumers.

Patient Information Leaflets and Video Loops

For hospitals, we also provide you with specialized patient education material. This includes leaflets for patient-information to raise awareness about diseases and their management. This information is also given in a video format which can play as a continuous loop that displays important information on your hospital screens. (Download WhiteCoats and access patients learning support)

How do these help your practice?

Articles and videos such as these are rich in information and keep your patient engaged. Sharing these articles with your patient’s can help improve patient satisfaction. It makes them feel important and cared for, patients who leave your clinic with a positive mindset will most likely visit you again whenever they need to visit a doctor. This helps your practice succeed. There is a famous English saying that goes, “One good turn deserves another”.

It is completely apt for what happens in this scenario. By engaging your patients you perform a good deed this helps the patient develop a feeling of respect and understanding towards you. Such a patient may most probably give a positive review online to your practice, this will, in turn, help you garner more patients.

WhiteCoats is the perfect platform for doing so, it delivers to you specially curated articles that are easy to understand and helps you build a loyal patient base. On WhiteCoats we help your patients, thereby helping your practice. (Download WhiteCoats and access patients learning support)

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