Galectin 3- A potential Biomarker for Severe COVID 19

Researchers have measured the galectin-3 levels in the sera of hospitalized patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). They found initial high levels indicate patients will become severely ill, suggesting it could be used as a predictor of severe disease. Here, Galectin 3 is known to drive neutrophilic infiltration and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines leading to airway inflammation. There is a recent update about Galectin 3 being the best prognostic tool for severe cases of COVID 19.

A clinical study published on a preprint server had analyzed 156 hospitalized patients with COVID 19, it was observed that patients diagnosed with covid 19 as critically ill (more than 50 % lung damage) had elevated serum Galectin 3 levels than the patient diagnosed as moderately ill (less than 50 % lung damage). Also, it was observed that patients who progressed to severe outcomes such as mechanical ventilation or in-hospital death have higher levels of Galectin 3.

This makes Galectin 3 a useful tool and prognostic marker especially for severely ill COVID 19 patients. Such a useful tool can work in providing the prognosis and outcome of the COVID 19 diseases. With Galectin 3, medical health professionals can help the patients with a better line of treatment and prognosis. So this gives quite an informative update that circulating Galectin 3 can definitely help in predicting the cases of severe outcomes that need ventilation therapy or are more inclined to death.

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