Freedom Feature Fitness

Dear Doctors, on the eve of Independence Day, WhiteCoats is happy to share some exciting news about the way we care for you and your health. We would like to take a step forward in advancing the overall health of the doctors in our app.


  1. All you need to do is FEATURE (post/share) five or more Medical Updates/Cases in the app.

  2. You have the FREEDOM to post any clinical updates and cases related to your specialty.

  3. *Win a FITNESS band. The Fitness band will help you provide a complete picture of your health and encourage you to take better care of yourself.

Campaign Dates: 15th August to 22nd August 2018.


  1. The fitness band helps you keep track of your blood pressure, heart rate, calorie count, distance covered, active hours, and sleep patterns.

  2. Using a new feature called “Exercise mode”, you can keep a track on your exercise routine as it counts your daily steps, time duration, and heart rate during the workouts.

  3. It just takes a minute to show the blood pressure.

  4. The Fitness band is waterproof with a battery life upto 7 days

  5. Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iOS and Android app

  6. Get WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and call notifications regularly


Step 1: Download the App – Android / IOS

Step 2: Register / Login to WhiteCoats

Step 3: Click on ‘Share an update or case’

Step 4: Clearly mention your medical case/update – Title, Description, and image (if any)

Step 5: Click on the top right to post your medical case / update


  1. This initiative is run by WhiteCoats –a digital platform for doctors, to help create awareness about the platform for Doctors. It is not a promotion for any other product

  2. This activity is only for Doctors. Cases/stories/updates posted by non-medical practitioners will not be considered

  3. Each case/medical update has to be an individual post. No posts can be combined

  4. The winners will be chosen by WhiteCoats team and a panel of doctors, and will be contacted using their registered email address and phone number

  5. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the WhiteCoats team is final

  6. For any queries, please email to, or SMS/WhatsApp us at +91-7093993112