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Fitbit Tracker can Identify COVID-19 Before Symptoms

Fitbit is on a mission to develop such an algorithm that can detect potential cases even before the symptoms are visible in a patient. Fitbit, after its study on wearable activity trackers that pick up early signs of COVID-19, has enrolled around 100,000 participants across the US and Canada and will now be delivering its first result after 90 days. The company suggests that tracking certain points like heart rate, breathing, physical activity, and quality of sleep might help them to develop an algorithm. The algorithm which is still under development worked at a rate of 70% specificity.

The device tracked more accurate information when the body was at rest in the night. The company detailed its efforts on how it trained the AI algorithms to predict if a person was sick on any given day by comparing the changes in the heart rate and respiratory logs of the previous days and if the person may need hospitalization based on the symptoms, age, sex, and the BMI. The most common symptoms reported by people according to their report were fatigue, headache, body ache, decrease in taste and smell, and cough. Fever was said to be present in only 55% of the people.

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