FastSense Diagnostics develops rapid COVID-19 diagnostic kits

A Pune based start-up FastSense Diagnostics is developing two modules for detecting COVID-19 as the pandaemic grips India. This 2-year-old start-up is funded by the Department of Science & Technology (DST). Speed, cost, accuracy, and accessibility are the major challenges of testing for COVID-19. The DST is supporting several such promising start-ups. The company has proposed a technology ‘CoVE-Sens’ for COVID-19, which is in lines of their existing universal platform ‘Omni-Sens’. Omni-Sens is a platform for early detection and screening of complex diseases such as cancers, neonatal sepsis, etc. A patent has been filed for CoVE-Sens. The company is planning to roll out two products- a modified PCR based detection kit where approximately 50 samples can be tested in an hour and a portable chip-based module for rapid screening, which can provide results in less than 15 minutes per sample. In the future, the sample size can be increased to 100 samples per hour.  

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