Fact-Check on Misleading Claims About Improving Oxygen Levels

Amidst the breathlessness and shortage of Oxygen in the massive second wave of Covid-19, there have been tons of misinformation spreading that claims on improving oxygen levels (one of the symptoms of Covid-19) that are false and misleading.

Here are few claims

Claim: Camphor, ajwain, clove, and eucalyptus oil increase oxygen levels and congestion

Fact Check: NO- inhaling ajwain, camphor, clove, and eucalyptus oil does not increase the oxygen level

There is no proof that camphor, clove, or ajwain can increase blood oxygen or provide relief during respiratory distress, but it just works as a feel-good therapy, and some studies suggest that they do not affect nasal decongestion.

An annual report on clinical toxicology also warned against the inhalation or eating of non-medicinal doses of camphor. Such inhalation or ingestion can lead to severe poisoning within a few minutes. The adverse effect on children can be more serious.

Another study said- even small doses of camphor can cause severe toxicity and are potentially fatal (the main effect occurs on the central nervous system, and seizures are most common).

Trusting the camphor potli viral message for treating Covid-induced drop in oxygen levels can be dangerous.

Claim: Certain homoeopathy and ayurvedic medicines claims on improving oxygen levels

Fact Check: NO- Any Homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medicines Can’t be a substitute for Oxygen

We see people sharing Homeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q and certain Ayurvedic medicine, claiming that these medicines can immediately control the Oxygen levels. Well, going by the Fact-checkers, the claims are misleading, and they cannot be used to increase oxygen levels in the treatment of Covid-19.

As of now, there is no record of any Ayurvedic or Homeopathy medicine that can increase immediate Oxygen levels.

Claim: Use of nebulizer as a substitute for Oxygen cylinder

Fact Check: NO- nebulizer cannot be used to increase oxygen level or as a substitute to an oxygen cylinder 

A video was widely circulated where a certain doctor says that one can use a nebulizer to improve oxygen levels. However, the hospital where the doctor works has refused the claims, but even the doctor says he is warning about the viral video since the video was made and sent to a person with absolute normal oxygen levels, mainly on how to use a nebulizer.

Many doctors and medical professionals have warned and alerted citizens stating that the claim is false – A nebulizer can neither replace Oxygen cylinders nor improve oxygen levels.

Claim: Lemon therapy to prevent COVID-19 and increase oxygen saturation levels in the body

Fact Check: NO- two drops of lemon (lemon therapy) in the nose cannot prevent COVID-19 or increase oxygen levels in the body

World Health Organisation and the United States National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine have stated that there is no scientific evidence in their official websites.

Lemon contains Vitamin C that is essential for your health, and the reference here is if a person drinks lemon juice, not put drops of it in their nose.

Based on these facts- lemon juice or lemon water doesn’t prevent COVID-19, and putting lemon drops in nose doesn’t increase oxygen levels or protect you against COVID-19.

Claim: Magic deep breaths

Fact Check: NO- If your oxygen saturation drops due to a medical condition like Covid-19, medical oxygen is recommended

While practising yoga is generally good for your health, in cases where oxygen saturation levels fall because of a medical condition such as Covid-19, the WHO recommends medical oxygen.

If the oxygen levels are low, if they’re low for a long time, if it’s not treated, the cells themselves stop working well. Again, the life-saving treatment here then is medical oxygen.

Fact Check: Does lying face-down in ‘prone position’ improve oxygen levels?

Is it just a viral claim or a hack that works? 

Lying on the chest and stomach position, or on the sides, is considered to help the body get air into all areas of the lungs rather than lying flat on the back. The technique has proven to be an effective measure for a long time in treating patients with acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS) and is considered a simple and safe method to improve oxygenation.

This position helps improve oxygen flow in critical patients, ensuring that they are less likely to require ventilator support.

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