Doctors keep discovering new ways the virus attacks the body

With the widespread recognition of the novel coronavirus, doctors and scientists are still unable to discover the ways the virus can attack. Often it’s said to attack the lungs but it can also strike anywhere from the brain to the toes. Every healthcare agency including the CDC have altered their advice on the virus depending upon the developments and mutation occurring in the virus. It attacks the heart, kidneys and lungs and creates clots that can kill with sudden efficiency and inflames blood vessels throughout the body. It begins with a few symptoms or none at all but as the virus stages itself and develops, it kills the host squeezing the air out of their lungs. The virus has killed 280,000 people and infected about 4 million around the globe. With little to no information about how to stop the spread, it has left human society with only one measure and that is social distancing. Trying to gain more insight into a pathogen in the middle of a pandemic is a difficult task. Experts suggest it will be years until the virus is actually figured out and how other factors might affect it.

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