Doctors Advice Use of Immunity Boosters Wisely

Doctors see an increased new trend of medical emergencies on over-consumption of natural products and supplements- driven by unproven social media messages to boost immunity against COVID-19.

Almost all are self-medicating with immunity boosters, suggesting a range of home remedies (turmeric,  honey, ginger, and some concoctions).

However, using these in moderate or recommended quantity may not cause any harm.

Side-effects of over-consumption

Doctors see a significant spike in the number of patients complaining of side effects that are then traced back to their diets.

– Consumption of decoction of Fenugreek in large doses leads to thinning of blood and can dangerously cause bleeding events in patients with or without liver disease.

– High consumption of special juice diets (especially aloe vera juice) is very dangerous and induces liver injury.

– Excessive amounts of turmeric can cause stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea, and dangerous abnormal heart rhythm.

– Overconsumption of products such as ashwagandha, kaadha (concoctions), and chyawanprash leads to digestion problems and other health issues.

High sale of immunity boosters

According to a survey, immunity boosters are now an increasing trend across categories in medicines and food-related products.

In this survey- products containing honey, chyawanprash, ginger, moringa oleifera, probiotics, green tea, amla, tulsi, turmeric, lemongrass, bitter gourd, berry, saffron have seen a trend upwards, including detox brands.

Doctors Advice 

  1. Proper dosage of immunity boosters- especially among those already suffering from medical conditions.

  2. Good control of blood sugars and BP with appropriate medications

  3. Weight management

  4. Simple steam inhalation or gargling

  5. Proper hygiene, hand wash/sanitization

  6. Social distancing and use of a mask


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