Doctor FAQs on Online Consultation Using Personal Branded Mobile App

A General Practitioner is considering setting up an online telemedicine practice to improve access to point-of-care tools and support better clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. In the process, the doctor came across ‘Personalised Digital Clinic by WhiteCoats’ and started to explore the features in the context of his specific requirements.

Here are a few FAQs addressed to get started with!

Doctors can add patients and communicate with them directly by multiple means of communication- via video call, chat, email supported by multimedia messages. This helps patients share images of their conditions via photographs or videos directly with the doctor online to understand the condition better. Similarly, a doctor can also share pictures or files to support the patient under their care, thus providing a convenient and efficient means of communication.

Personalised digital clinic is specifically designed to simplify communication between doctors and patients, enabling one-on-one discussion that provides a clear understanding and detailed information needed for diagnosis and treatment. This also helps doctors manage their time better and continue follow-ups remotely with existing patients.

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The patients can directly have online consultation i.e talk to doctor via video/audio/chat by simply scheduling doctor appointments through the app. Patients can confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments prior to their consultation. All these communications are sent via SMS or Email to patients and doctors to make the entire process very efficient and easy to manage.

Further, they can comply with the online doctor’s consultations, follow-up instructions, and schedule follow-ups at ease, and keep them updated on the progress. This is especially helpful for patients with minor health concerns and elderly patients who are unable to travel to the clinic.

Doctors and Patients can add medical records, e-prescriptions, and other necessary files separately under the patient's name. This improves the quality of care for patients by providing a complete history of the patients to the doctor's online for providing better treatment and follow-up and prescribe necessary medications.

Moreover, this high-quality app provides a two-way interaction between a patient and doctor using audiovisual technology and allows patients to have access and keep track of their treatment plan, vitals, medical records, along with doctor comments and relevant patient-centric information.

Doctors can upload a prescription for their patients by directly prescribing in the app, upload handwritten prescription or even dictate prescription in the app, where the doctor can mention necessary lab tests, vitals, medications, suggestions, etc., directly and generate an e-prescription.

The App provides a hassle-free online payment system that enables patients to make automatic payments to the doctors in an easiest and fastest way without any maintenance or processing charges.

Doctors can share various health related recommendations or health tips on a variety of ailments, or issues related to seasonal changes, conditions, treatments, etc., to keep in touch with the patients on a regular basis.


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