Do You Ask Diabetic Patients to Get Regular Dental Check Ups?

The effect of diabetes on oral health has been largely studied and a few studies also state that there exists a two-way interrelationship between diabetes and periodontitis. However, the exact underlying mechanism that links between these two conditions is not completely understood.

A survey was conducted in the WhiteCoats app to understand the doctor’s perception of the association between diabetes and oral health.

The survey comprised of 5 different questions and 103 doctors from diverse specialities actively responded to the survey of which 50.49% were Diabetologists, 44.66% were Dentists, and 4.85% were Family Practitioners / General Practitioners.

92.23% of our doctors agreed that there is a relationship between diabetes and poor oral health, while 5.83% of doctors disagreed to the same.

Almost 93.20% of our physicians stated that periodontitis is a complication of diabetes, while 2.91% think it is not and 3.88% of physicians were unaware of the complication.

When asked if poor oral health made it difficult to control blood sugar levels in diabetics, 62.14% of the responding doctors agreed while 30.10% of doctors disagreed with it.

56.31% of physicians think that treating periodontitis could improve glycaemic control in diabetics. However, 32.04% of physicians denied it and 11.65% stated they did not know about it.

A large number of physicians (91.26%) recommended dental check-up for their diabetic patients or vice-versa. While 7.77% recommended either dental check-ups for diabetic patients or diabetes monitoring in patients with poor oral health at times.

The survey showed that a high proportion of the doctors agreed that there exists a relationship between diabetes and periodontitis.

A large number of physicians also think that treating and controlling the conditions in patients with both diabetes and periodontitis is interlinked.

A majority of our doctors recommended a dental check-up or blood glucose level monitoring in diabetics or patients with periodontitis. However, it is also necessary to take measures that would enhance patient’s knowledge of diabetes, periodontal disease, and their association with each other.

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