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Diabetes Independently Tied to Increased Mortality in COVID-19 Patients

Certain people with comorbidities are observed to be at a higher risk of developing severe illness. Previous reports showed that diabetes had a hazard ratio of 2:3 for mortality.

Studies have also revealed that people with diabetes, in general, are at higher risk for other infections. In the current studies, 2877 patients with COVID-19 admitted to the hospital were investigated. The researchers found that diabetes and on-admission glucose (per mmol/L≥4mmol/L) are associated with increased mortality in patients with COVID-19.

The researchers found that of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients, 39 died in hospital and 387 had a history of diabetes. Compared with 40 patients who survived, patients that passed away were older and had a higher prevalence of comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, previous surgery, and myocardial angina or chest pain.

Overall, the researchers noted that diabetes was independently tied to increased mortality. They recommend that regular glucose monitoring can reduce the risk of developing severe symptoms.

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Reference: Cai, F., Gao, C., Zhou, L. et al. (2021). Effects of Diabetes and Blood Glucose on COVID-19 Mortality: A Retrospective Observational Study. medRxiv. doi:,


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