Dexamethasone emerges as a life-saving drug against COVID-19:

After the declaration of the coronavirus as a pandemic, six months have passed. After which it has spread its coarse world-wide and soon enough it will be said to have a vaccine. The discovery of a common low-cost steroid drug, Dexamethasone came as the most promising developments recently, even as over 110 groups work round the clock to search for a potential vaccine to prevent the virus from spreading. Commonly used anti-inflammatory steroid drugs, Dexamethasone emerged as one of the first life-saving drugs against COVID-19. A mid-scale study conducted in the UK found out that the drug, when prescribed to patients severely ill from the pandemic was able to cut down the mortality rate by 1/3rd in those on ventilation support. The research body involved in the trial was the same one which found evidence that HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) was not extremely effective on all COVID positive patients. Doctors worldwide praised the usage of the low-cost drug but also warned people to practice caution before using the drug. Dexamethasone found to be incredibly effective in severe cases of COVID-19 did not show the same effect on those suffering from milder symptoms. Further research and study are still needed before we pin our hopes on the same.

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