Cure for COVID-19 now may be found in Llamas, the researcher’s state:

Scientists all over the world are in a twist regarding the vaccines for the Novel coronavirus. The time rage is extremely less for researching for a vaccine on one side while on the other, the virus has spread rigorously across the globe. Researchers at the University of Texas state that, an unlikely ally found in a llama named “winter” while hunting for an effective treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic. The llama is a 4 year old female living on a farm in the Belgian countryside. The researchers linked two copies of a special kind of antibody produces by llamas and created a new antibody that binds tightly to the key protein on the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2. Initial tests suggest the antibody blocks viruses from infecting cells. This was reported in the may 5 journal cell. The paper is currently undergoing proof-reading but is online as a “pre-proof”

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