Covid-19 Vaccines Might be Harmful To Naturally Recovered Covid-19 Patients

Infectious disease experts in India believe that vaccines have no benefits to people who have naturally recovered from Covid-19. In spite, vaccines might also cause some harm to these people and lead to Serious Adverse Event Following Immunization (SAEFI), they stated.

Blood clotting, deaths, or other health complications have been reported due to SAEFI worldwide, however health experts say that there is no deficiency in the safety aspects of approved Covid-19 vaccines.

Some experts argue that when the current evidence shows that people recovered naturally from Covid-19 are well-protected from future infection or severity of the disease, there is no point including them in the current vaccination drive and risking their lives even if the risk is minuscule.

Experts also believe that vaccines are precious resources that should be used to save other vulnerable persons’ lives rather than wasting them on well-protected individuals. A noted epidemiologist from India agrees that vaccinating a confirmed Covid-19 recovered person doesn’t have any additional benefit, “but there is some small chance of adverse reaction.”

Health experts say that there are two ways to determine if a person is a confirmed Covid-19 recovered case. First, those people who developed symptoms after contracting the virus were confirmed through the RT-PCR test.

At present, the available evidence suggests that natural infection is superior to vaccination. So in retrospect, it is a good and convenient way to say who needs vaccination and who doesn’t.

Some studies showed that one dose of vaccine to Covid-19 recovered people produced more robust and faster antibodies than non-infected people. These studies have suggested a single dose for the Covid-19 recovered population. Still, now scientists have concluded that the more robust and faster antibodies confirm that the memory cell formed during the first infection can recognize the antigen the second time and responds quickly to neutralize them.

Source: Outlook



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