COVID-19 to accelerate AI revolution in healthcare

With artificial intelligence already a powerful tool in multiple pharma sectors, the current pandemic is powering the change quicker.

Late last year, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform BlueDot, picked up several unknown pneumonia cases being reported in Wuhan, China. Later, it was confirmed to be a novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Bluedot, is a platform based out of Canda which uses natural language processing and machine learning to keep track and locate the cases of the infectious disease spread. It has a platform to send alerts to a variety of actors from hospitals to public health bodies.

With the BlueDots being an early example of AI intervention, AI has already paved its way through many useful but fragmented roles in this current pandemic. Just in the last few months, AI has been used for automated deliveries, diagnosis, and drug discovery. 

As the pandemic continues here are a few examples of how AI has impacted the pandemic in a positive way. In Korea, a location-based message is beings ent out a crucial tool in the battle to reduce the transmission of the virus.

In China, Alibaba a well-known platform is using Ii to diagnose a case as fast as 20 seconds, almost 45 seconds faster than a human detection test. Robots in China are even being used to the extent of delivering food and supplies to people suffering from their breadwinners’ loss.