COVID-19: Though the first vaccine may hit the market, it will not be of any use.

Reaching a level of desperation, humans need to settle for a vaccine which though cannot help a person from contracting the virus, can help in curing patients.

For several months now, the recent novel COVID virus has affected millions of people and has claimed thousands of lives. Ever since its first eruption in Wuhan, China late last year, scientists have been working around the clock in efforts of finding a solution to fight the novel virus.

Although an absolute known down of the virus is the goal, humans have to settle for something less. Early vaccines developed by the scientists come with some limitations says Robin Shattock, an Imperial College London professor leading the development of an experimental shot.

The drawbacks though, while holding the potential to save lives, the early vaccines might be a solution for a cure but not to prevent the virus from occurring.

“My guess would be that the day after someone gets immunized, they’re going to think, ‘I can go back to normal. Everything will be fine,” stated Michael Kinch, a drug development expert who is associate vice chancellor at Washington University in St. Louis. “They’re not going to necessarily realize that they might still be susceptible to infection.”

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