COVID-19 survivors could have health issues for several years

With the number of active cases being reused, and people being discharged, a new report state that the recovered patients could suffer from severe health effects for years.

With millions of people slowly recovering from the deadly COVID-19, the initial sickness of COVID-19 might be least of their concerns. New cases are being reported every day with people, complaining about a relapse of the disease.

Some recovered patients are also complaining of breathing difficulty, fatigue, and unbearable body pains months after being cured or initial illness. studies in Wuhan, China where the first case erupted, show the survivors graphs to have poor lung functioning, liver, and heart, which may be the least of the concerns.

New reports are being published every day that COVID-19 is capable of attacking beyond lungs, from causing damage to eyeballs to the kidneys. This can potentially cause the recovered patient’s immune system into overdrive trying to fight the infection off and cursing compound damage.

“What these chronic issues ultimately look like – and how many patients ultimately experience them – will have huge implications for patients, the doctors who treat them, and the health systems around them,” said Kimberly Powers, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who is developing models on the virus’s spread to inform public-health efforts. 

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