COVID-19 Related Symptoms 6 months After Infection

Many anecdotal reports indicate the presence of long COVID-19 related symptoms weeks to months after the acute illness. A prospective cohort study was conducted with an online survey among adults 6 months after acute infection of COVID-19. This prospective cohort study is ongoing in Germany since May 2020. Participants were included 0 to 4 months after their SARS- CoV-2 infection in this study followed by subsequent surveys. This survey was conducted on 127 individuals 6 months after the COVID-19 infection.

All grades of acute disease severity were included and 91 % of participants were treated as outpatients during their acute illness. It was noted that six months after infection, 67% of the study participants reported at least one symptom as a consequence of COVID-19. The following is the report as per the study: Exertional dyspnoea (30 % of participants), fatigue(25%), diminished sense of taste and smell (19%) were the most common individual symptoms. At least one symptom, exertional dyspnea, and fatigue were reported more often after severe acute illness but the diminished sense of smell and taste were unrelated to acute severity.

Age, group, and sex did not associate with the frequency of symptoms at 6 months. Based on the study, the prevalence of the COVID 19 related symptoms 6 months after the infection is high. Long COVID-19 requires attention in medical care and better scientific understanding.

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